Friday, December 11, 2009


Dec. 11, 2009
Lagos, Nigeria

Well, it’s been a week since I left Boston and it has been some seriously interesting, challenging, and fantastic five days here in Lagos. This city is HUGE. Getting from one place to another can take upwards of two hours. I mean, that’s just leaving the sites where we’re filming to go get lunch or pickup equipment. Hmmm, lunch…

Lunch is actually taken around 4pm and can last a long time. Our typical day has us at the film site around 10am (if we’re lucky) and shooting until 3pm. On our way to lunch we get stuck in traffic and maybe run an errand, like getting minutes for topping up the cell phone or internet, and before you know it, we’re not sitting down to eat until 4pm at the earliest. For me, that’s a long time to wait for “lunch.” Luckily my stockpile of energy bars is still quite high. And of course, there are the road-side bananas and peanuts we pick up along the way so that makes for a great breakfast. For those of you who’ve had the fortune to eat a banana in the tropics then congratulations: you’ve experienced what a banana actually tastes like. (I remember eating a banana in Hawai’i as a little kid and asking my Mom why that banana tasted didn’t taste like a banana.) So, it’s bananas, bananas, bananas until lunch. I’ll have to inquire if Nigerians are familiar with the whole “slipping on the banana peel joke.”

Weekend will be a schmooze fest at the Geothe Institute, followed by drinks with a local advertising exce, and then a day at the beach on Sunday, where I hear there are some righteous waves, dude.

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  1. Dude---sounds like you are hungry...what was the BIG MAN like?

  2. Hey, how far do you go in two hours? Is it faster to walk?