Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Uniformed Shakedown

Dec. 9, 2009

Did our first day of filming yesterday at the Berger Car Park. It went very well, but MAN was it hot! Shooting hand-held under a scorching sun in a car park made me sweat like a pig. Went inside to shoot an interview and we had to shut off the AC for sound reasons, but this resulted in the subject (and the rest of us) to begin pouring out sweat like leaky faucets. My hands were so damp it was hard to keep the camera steady.

Today was devoted to running errands and paying off the local police -- seriously. We got stopped, for no reason except for the fact we run around in an SUV, and had to pay off three different sets of police. Not cheap, a little intimidating, and utterly ridiculous. So much crime in this city and those charged with stopping it are actually engaged in it.

I'm more and more impressed with Adis' communicative abilities -- he's gotten us out of several tough situations, but even the locals find his driving a bit disturbing (fists pounding on the hood at "crosswalks" etc.). And let me tell you, from the little I've seen, it takes quite a bit to offend the residents of Lagos with your driving. Adis is truly one in a million.

Food and beer still good, weather fantastic, people very friendly.

Tomorrow we resume filming and we'll be interviewing the Big Man of the Lagos car trade, which should prove quite valuable for our project.

More later.

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  1. With a populations of over 11 million in Lagos, I'm guessing there's too much light pollution to see any stars, but just in case: look up on the night of the 13th/early morning of the 14th in case you can see any of the geminid meteor showers. Should be a brilliant show if the sky is dark enough. Glad to hear the project is going well. Stay hydrated and be careful!